Through partnerships with our clients, WuXi STA has established an industry-leading flow chemistry (continuous manufacturing) platform offering process development, non-GMP, and GMP production services for projects from pre-clinical to commercial stage. Taking advantages of our rich experience built on hundreds of projects, and the modularization of our multi-purpose flow chemistry lines, we are able to offer quick and economically viable solutions to encounter process challenges in conventional batch mode.

In 2023 alone, our flow chemistry teams manufactured 300+ compounds, 30+ late phase and commercial drugs. 

Selected Reactions in Our Flow Chemistry Toolbox

Large Scale (> 1 metric ton) Flow Chemistry Experience on Selected Reactions

Low Temperature
Metallo-Organic Reactions

High Temperature/
Pressure Reactions




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Sustainable API Process Enabled by Continuous Manufacturing (Flow Chemistry)

Do you know the concrete benefits of using continuous manufacturing (flow chemistry) to address environmental concerns in your pharmaceutical API development? Watch this on-demand webinar co-presented by Benjamin Martin, Ph.D. Associate Director at Novartis, and Hongwei Yang, Ph.D., Executive Director at WuXi STA as they discuss case studies on solving the challenges faced during process R&D and scale-up and the use of sustainability metrics.

Watch the Webinar Now
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