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LNP image Lipid Nanoparticle Platform

Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) is a novel drug delivery system for oligonucleotide drug to overcome its delivery challenges, such as providing protection against serum nucleases, eliciting an immune response, targeting specific cell or tissue.

WuXi STA’s LNP platform features novel multi-channel micro-mixer for its robust scalability and reproducibility. Lipid nanoparticle with various assembly structures can be assembled by developing formulation and controlling process. Projects can be quickly accelerated from R&D to GMP clinical and commercial manufacturing phases utilizing our strong LNP technology platform and proprietary technology experience.

It is worth mentioning that services of synthesizing and manufacturing of oligonucleotide and specific functional lipids (such as ionizable lipids and PEGylated lipids) can be also provided by WuXi STA. Our LNP platform is an end-to-end platform, which integrated CMC development and manufacturing services for drug substance, drug product and analytical support.

Our R&D site is located in Shanghai Waigaoqiao, while LNP manufacturing plant located in Wuxi City. Analytical QC and QA teams supporting the whole processes are also based in Wuxi City.



The LNP R&D lab is equipped with multi-channel micro-mixing system, different scales of Tangential flow filtration (TFF) system, sterile filtration system and analytical equipment. Other mixing technologies are also available, such as MIVM, microfluidics, Precision Nano System and LNP extrusion systems. LNP feasibility studies, formulation development and process development are carried out in R&D labs. The professional teams with extensive experience can accelerate the projects from R&D to GMP manufacture.

LNP Manufacturing Plant

LNP Manufacturing Plant

This modular designed LNP manufacturing plant in Wuxi City integrates multi-channel chip, micro-mixer system, and complex preparation system into a multi-channel micro-mixer core LNP manufacturing platform, offering significant advantages in drug-loading, liposome particle size control, and encapsulation efficiency. In addition, the modular design provides greater processing flexibility, enabling this platform to serve a wide range of manufacturing scales from 10-50 L per batch.

Analytical Support

Analytical support includes but not limited to analytical method development and validation, in-process control and release, raw material, excipient, and packaging release, extractable and leachable (compatibility) studies, ICH-compliant stability studies.

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