Biocatalysis, involving the use of natural catalysts such as enzymes, offers environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternatives to traditional chemical synthesis . Especially when the reactions involve chiral molecules, biocatalysis provides highly stereoselective biotransformations, or efficient resolutions of enantiomers.

WuXi STA’s comprehensive biocatalysis platform offers a one-stop solution for all of your biocatalysis challenges; this includes enzyme screening, enzyme evolution, enzyme fermentation as well as process development and production.

capability and capacity Biocatalysis

Capability and Capacity

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biocatalysis casestudy2 Biocatalysis

Case Study:3-fold Yield for a key RSM after Enzyme Evolution

The RSM molecule is a key chiral RSM for a late-stage API. We use our proprietary enzyme to improve the yield to 3 fold.

Original Route5 step reactionsYield=30% (5 steps)PMI > 100
Enzymatic Route2 step reactions with WuXi STA proprietary enzyme*Yield=90% (2 steps)PMI < 20

* About Enzyme Evolution of Transaminase

  • Natural enzyme conversion <2%
  • Evolved enzyme conversion >95% after 2 rounds of evolution
Seamless collaboration with in-parallel activities among 4 workstreams
Swift sample transport and information sharing from upstream to downstream teams
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