Drug Substance

We provide process development and manufacturing services for drug substance and advanced intermediates to thousands of customers globally every year, across 6 sites in Asia and North America.

  • R&D: Our API R&D teams have more than 4,000 process chemists and analytical scientists to support your projects at every stage with speed and quality.
  • Analytical and Quality Control: Our highly experienced analytical and QC teams support your analytical needs at each of our manufacturing site.
  • Manufacturing: Our global network integrates the manufacturing of starting material, intermediate and drug substance to provide a robust and reliable supply chain. Our total reactor volume exceeds 3,100 m3 to ensure readily available capacity for any projects.

One Stop Drug Substance Services

Process R&D


High Potency

Enabling Technology Platform

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Flow Chemistry



Preparative HPLC and SFC

Preparative HPLC & SFC & SMB

Crystallization & Particle Engineering

Crystallization &
Particle Engineering

Why WuXi STA?

API dev
Global Quality Standard
Enabling Tech
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2.5 weeks/step for API Process Development and Manufacturing toward IND filing.


One of the largest API process R&D organizations with 4,200+ process chemists & analytical scientists. 70%+ team members have Master or Ph.D. degrees.

Global Quality Standard

Proven quality system across all sites inspected by major regulatory agencies including
US FDA, EMA, China NMPA, Japan PMDA, Korea MFDS, SwissMedic, etc.


9 sites specializing API Process R&D and Manufacturing around the world with over 3,000 mTotal Reactor Volume (TRV), and our capacity is still fast expanding.

Green Chemistry

A global ESG pioneer incorporating the green chemistry concept seamlessly into API process R&D and manufacturing with State-of-the-art facilities and advanced enabling technologies.

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